About Us

From a humble beginning in the year 2003 Disha Nucleus has come a long way. Since its inception the institution has left no stone unturned to serve the people of Bhagalpur and its adjoining areas in the field of education. Disha Nucleus has led the cause of education without any discrimination of caste, creed and religion. At Disha Nucleus we train the students in the field of science and commerce with such modus operandi that they not only learn and gain knowledge in the best possible way but also get fully equipped for competitive exams like JEE, NEET, AIIMS, CPT etc.


We believe that the ultimate objective of education is to inculcate human values in the students. The importance of human values has been aptly emphasized by educationists and commissions (1964-66) The National Policy of Education (1986) observed that at the stage of secondary education the students should be provided opportunities to understand their constitutional duties and right as the citizens of India. The environment of an institution must be properly formulated to bring about a conscious internalization of healthy work ethics and values of a humane and composite culture. Despite the phenomenal increase in the educational institutions across the city of Bhagalpur and perceptible improvement in the literacy rate, there has been a deterioration of human values among students. In the rat race of so-called success in competitive examinations, students have become cold towards others. Sympathy, charity, selfless service and help are missing especially in cities. This is a matter of great concern for educationists not only in our city but all over the country. Well in our institution we have employed such strategies of conditioning, learning or socialization. Which make our education value-oriented? The core group of the institution sees to it that teachers along with knowledge, impart human values to the students which will not only make them literate but a good citizen and above all a good human being. We at Disha Nucleus discard stereotype and instead employ novel ways which strengthen the students’ Basics and understanding. For this we organize seminars periodically, conducted by experts which completely address the problem of students keeping abreast with the change taking place in and around the nation in the field of education.


Our ancient universities of Nalanda and Taxila focused on imparting moral education to the pupils. Apart from giving formal education of Scriptures, Vedas and subjects like Philosophy, Religion, etc. the teachers emphasized on the need of healthy body and a healthy mind. For only in a healthy body can remain a healthy mind. So, our institution takes care that appropriate extracurricular activities like Sports tournament, Science exhibition, Cultural programmes, Quiz competitions etc. are conducted on a regular basis. Thus, we at Disha Nucleus go all out to impart the best through the best. For we believe that only proper direction through human values can teach them the real achievement. thus, we welcome all aspirants to our institution for a better and successful tomorrow for we strongly believe that at Disha Nucleus “THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE TO SUCCESS”