How We Nurture

Regular Class (For Board Exams)

To give students best and most effective practice, we provide them with study materials and daily tutorial sheet (DTS) developed by our expert faculty. Study material are kept updated with new problems and concepts. We develop an exclusive exercise package every year which contains best questions for ensuring success in competitions.

Daily Coaching ( For Competitive Exam)

Doubt Clearing (To Address Queries)

Students often encounter doubts regarding theory, concepts or problems of assignment, DTS or the study package. To help them get over these doubts we have introduced the concept of SDCC (Student’s Doubt Clearance Cell), Where at least one faculty member of each subject is available during working hours of the institute. Without any prior appointment students can take help of this cell during office hours and at times convenient to them…!!

Revision Classes (To Revise Previous Chapters)

Periodic Tests ( To Know your Strength & Weakness)

Multimedia Class ( To Understand Effectively)

“Visual is always more effective than text.” To present the typical core concept involved in JEE/PMT/CPT preparation in a simple and lucid way, we have provision for multimedia classroom where our experts guide the students to have a view of different aspects which is very difficult to get via blackboard presentation. This not only enhances their visualization power but also opens a gateway to have a feel and view of problem situation, thus raising their analyzing power to expert level. Now a days Most of the Competitive Exams are now computer based, so we try to help students become computer literate.

Lab Facility

Physics Lab
Chemistry Lab
Biology Lab

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